I have firsthand experience with the word “Digital” when I was hired for the first official role out of college. I was hired under into a brand new “Digital” team into an existing company that already had a Marketing department. So … that got confusing fast. Isn’t digital under marketing, or was marketing under digital? Were they sister departments or something else entirely? When you’re a web designer that’s hired as a Digital Commerce Manager Intern into a Digital department but then the role is changed into Digital Content Developer, things get confusing fast. At least they did for me. I went into this thinking that things run a little smoother than they did. It wasn’t until I was not in that role anymore did my eyes really begin to open up and really understand what this new term is really about.

So it boils down to “What really is Digital and how does this apply to me?”.

With everything transitioning into eCommerce, that’s where digital comes into play. It’s a newer, fresher term that applies to just about everything, well digital. We are out with the old and in with the new. The rules still apply as they did when you’re in marketing, but the digital world is an ever changing, ever growing and expanding world. You are moving at 100MPH and you must keep up with the latest trends because if you don’t, you’re a dinosaur in this industry and you will be left out in the dust. The idea is to catch your target audience on the interwebs and know how to speak to them across all digital devices rather than traditional old marketing that is more in the form of print advertisement, billboards and anything else that is a little more old school. This is much more trickier than it may seem.

Companies are transitioning into outsourcing or creating new departments that are just for targeting this specific area. The “digital first” era has begun. Businesses are finding it wiser to distribute your materials via digital than the traditional methods that were widely used before.

There are several articles online about why building your brand “digital first” is what’s most consumer friendly for your business. It’s economical, creates more targeted campaigns and is where your consumers probably are most likely to be. These channels can include email marketing, social media, your website and other online channels where you can reach your target audience. You can funnel down and really target specific audiences by their interests, age range and other factors where you may need to really target to your hearts content.

For me, I’m someone who went to school for I.T. who also worked as a web developer/designer and got hired as a position that was into a digital department. These are 3 entirely different fields F.Y.I.

You can say that I dabbled a lot in Digital Marketing for a good chunk of 2018 and ended up really researching what “Digital” is really about versus “Marketing”. If you’re new into marketing, this is a new concept that’s really being adopted rapidly and really needs to be studied a little more to gain a better understanding where we’re going with the latest trends.

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