The Aftermath of a Car Crash

In late September, our family was involved in a collision near downtown Sumner, Washington near my old works headquarters located at the 14800 block of Puyallup Street. The other driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit head on. I was not involved in the car wreck but Matt was on his way to pick me up from work.

Makayla on the scene after the crash.

My 4 year old daughter was strapped in her Diono car seat at the time and helped save her life. The irony in this car crash? The crash happened 50 feet away from Diono’s headquarters. You can see their HQ in the background of the image above.

Now vehicle-less, we had no way to get home or any relatives we could rely on to get my family safely home. Upon finding out about the crash from work, I panicked and started walking to the scene. Lewis, A a coworker at the time & now friend of mine heard the news and offered to drive me to the scene to make sure everyone was okay. Lewis, if you’re reading, THANK YOU. You were a huge help to my family and I’m forever grateful for being there.

Luckily, my family was not injured to the point where they almost died, but they still suffered from the car crash. Also, because of current circumstances, I can’t get into much detail about our care because it’s still on-going and we are going through a terrible battle. I am going to more discuss the headache of the aftermath of having your family go through a car crash ends up causing.

The doctors appointments and the lack of transpiration can cause a real headache if the car you lost was your only set of wheels. Don’t forget to factor you can no longer go to the grocery store in ease. You can’t get to work anyone in 20 mins, instead its drawn out on the metro bus or train to get everywhere. They say time is money. That’s very well said. I ended up working in Tukwila recently and my days were hogged from 5am until 8pm because the metro transit changes everything.

Due to a downsize in my department, I was let go 4 weeks after the car accident and ended up taking the overage check I got from to pay the rent. With no job and no wheels, things took a turn for the worst in November.

November & December were dark months. I didn’t feel the creativity to blog or do anything I remotely loved anymore. I fell into autopilot and became very negative. My whole entire mindset fell apart. I would often cry daily when it came to money, bills or the problems that follow because the lack of money. If you know me in person, you know I have thick skin and don’t let my emotions take the wheel.

I fell into a deep depression and wanted life to look up at this point. I didn’t feel like doing web development, blogging or anything that I used to love doing.

We’re finally in January and I can finally come forward about this experience and sharing with readers that no matter what you’re going through, that there is always someone that may be going through something equally as awful.

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