Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field and My Experience

So, I’m embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of him before. Well, maybe I’ve heard his name in passing. I hadn’t given much thought into his book and what his message was.

I just got a new job and for new hires, they have you listen to Earl Nightingale’s “Lead the Field” as part of your orientation. This is genius.

I had already written a blog post on here before about “Grass is Greener Syndrome” and I was shocked to know I had already been applying some of his ideas into my own life. You’re so focused in looking at the other pasture, that you forget to water your own. I mean it makes logical sense, right?

I’m all for growth at this point and I”m glad to finally have a blog where I can share these insights and experiences with my readers. I’ve had a rocky year where a lot came crashing down at once at me and I had to fight tooth & nail to overcome some pretty tough obstacles. The one thing that got me through was mindset. If you can change your mindset, you can change the world. Well, one person at a time, but you get the picture.

I highly urge those who feel lost in their lives and careers to listen to this audiobook or read the book. It can change your life and give you some really good tips on how to change your mindset and really start to think successfully.

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