DoorDash vs GrubHub

With all of these food delivery choices available in the Greater Seattle area, I decided to give a few a try recently to blog about my experience between the two other food delivery choices that don’t include Uber Eats.

After using DoorDash for a couple years, I decided to give GrubHub a little chance. I mean, who could it hurt after all?

My experience with GrubHub was pretty sub-par. The delivery driver delivered another order before ours 5 miles away from the restaurant in the opposite direction of where I lived. Of course, because of this, our food was 40 minutes later than the expected arrival time.

I reached out to customer support but was only offered 20% off my next order which wasn’t satisfying enough. I didn’t have a completely terrible experience but I didn’t have an excellent one either. If you are from GrubHub and you’re reading this, please do something about offering better incentives to get your customers coming back after mediocre experiences. You have an insane amount of competition these days and people do have other choices for food delivery. After all, DoorDash delivers Taco Bell.

I decided to invest into a DashPass to see if the price was worth it. You subscribe to them for $9.99 a month to receive free delivery for a ton of restaurants. I did see a bit of a savings when I chose this instead of paying the delivery fee each order. I tipped better with those savings and surprisingly saw my delivery drivers went above and beyond to make sure my food arrived on time.

For my orders with DoorDash, I decided to try Qdoda for my first order. I will say to be honest, Qdoba is completely better in person and not when someone delivers you their food. When it sits for too long, it becomes a little soggy. The delivery driver was on time and really friendly.

For my second order, I decided to go through Panda Express. The delivery driver took another order after picking up my order and didn’t arrive until 50 or so minutes later. The food was still pretty hot and the driver was friendly.

For my last order, I decided to try out Legendary Doughnuts because, why not? That was a nice little treat that rarely happens and I was really impressed. The only reason I ordered these was because of the DashPass savings.

Overall, I have become a fan of DoorDash over GrubHub. The drivers are on time and make sure they deliver your food professionally. With the occasional one that stacks orders, that is to be expected when delivery drivers are trying to make an income off this. I’m pleasantly surprised but this won’t become a regular thing. I decided to do the food delivery craze because we don’t have a vehicle at this current moment and aren’t near any fast food chains nearby. This was a feasible option for us.

If you’re wanting to save money on your first order with DoorDash, feel free to sign up using my link. You can save $15 for first 3 orders on DoorDash for $5 each order. These kind of savings add up each time and I wish I had someone’s link when I first tried DoorDash. I pass these savings along to you!

Disclaimer: This is a completely honest post about my experience with both DoorDash and GrubHub. These companies are in no way endorsing this post.

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