Does the iPhone XR really replace your DSLR?

This is a hot debate. Does your iPhone XR really replace your DSLR? As a proud owner of 2 Canon mid grade professional DSLR’s, I can say I’m certainly impressed with the quality of the images that came out on my iPhone XR.

The new iPhone XR comes equipped with the “Portrait Mode” that seems to make your portraits, well better. It heavily focuses on the person and blurs the background. This however doesn’t seem to work well with pets unfortunately. I tested out the portrait mode on someone that was not me, and the image came out crystal clear and really nice. The colors are true and the lighting is amazing.

Taken from iPhone XR in “Portrait Mode”

I decided to take some exterior shots from my dads neighborhood in Puyallup, Washington The colors came out really bright, crisp and the portrait mode actually worked for the image with the cherries. The portrait mode is great when you really want depth of field. This mode pretty much achieves that.

Here are some images that came from that photo-shoot.

I wouldn’t be throwing your DSLR away just yet. While you can produce some really nice photos from the iPhone XR, it’s not going to entirely replace the professional camera just yet.

These photos were taken with my Canon 7D back in early June for a dear friend of mine graduating from Green River College. (Go Kia!). I decided to include some Seattle, Washington photos from 2018 in here as well.

I’ll let you be the judge on whether it fully replaces the DSLR.

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