This is probably my unpopular opinion, but I’m all for bringing a black actress to play the part of Ariel from the Little Mermaid. In the Disney Princess world, we absolutely need more diverse mix of different women with various different ethic & cultural backgrounds.

The #NotMyAriel is a very unnecessary movement and a little bit racist to be honest. The fact of the matter by stating “Not My Ariel” clearly states that people feel that because Ariel was portrayed as white in the cartoon, that a white woman should play the real life movie. She had unnatural red hair and was also a fictional character. Who’s to say that she HAS to be white. That’s very unfair and one sided. What does this teach our younger generation? We shouldn’t be teaching our younger generations that this behavior is allowed and acceptable.

Back in my childhood, I was in love with Cinderella, the live action 1997 movie that starred the singer Brandy.

Oh, I loved Brandy as a kid. She was absolutely beautiful and she could sing. She was a good role model for us girls in the 1990s. I never looked at her any different for playing the role of Cinderella. If it was acceptable by society then, why is it not acceptable now? This is insane that it’s become a big movement that blew up like wildfire all over twitter.

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